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Non - Vol Items for Sale - 2 Ipods for sale

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2 Ipods for sale

Hey everyone. I am cleaning out the house and I forgot I has these two ipods laying around and since I use an old phone for my iPod now I don't need these. 1 is a IPod Gen 6 with 16 GB and an old classic I pod with 32 GB. The 16 Ipod touch is in perfect condition and has a protective Tennessee case on it. The classic old one is a little banged up you have to use the screen home button on it. Since the bottom physical one doesn't work. Never bothered me because I just synced and plugged into my radio and controlled it from there. I will sell them both real cheap for a vol member before I eBay the suckers., Only 50 bucks for both.


Great deal




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No one want a Ipod Touch for cheap? AND a Tennessee cover for it? LOL

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