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Pick Ems Updated. Redwood still leads. Added week 12. 

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Vols-MildCats score predictions?

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I truly think Pruitt has turned the corner. I say keep it conservative and play attacking defense. Use the RBs to gain some yardage and then pop a few over the top. What are your predictions?


Vols - 24

Mildcats - 14



Give me your score predictions




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This game always surprises me on how I think it will go. I am cautiously optimistic that Pruitt has turned this thing around but then BAM! Something always seemed to happen under the Jones coached years. So I will be watching intently on how they respond Saturday. This game could either be a sloppy low scoring one or a wide open one. 


I am thinking cold and night game and this could be a one of those weird games. I expect something weird to happen in this game. I will say Tennessee with the improving defense and O line starting to get push that they should win. Still who would have thought a Third String WR playing QB could beat Tennessee back 2012? So I will be cautious and say I think the Vols can win but close


Vols 24

KY 21



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I am changing mine. The Pruitt change is happening.


Vols - 41

Mildcats -20


Ok so I am rum induced :jawdrop:

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Kentucky comes in as a one dimensional offense that plays right into Tennessee's hand. Basically, stop QB Lynn Bowden from running with the ball.


The Vols can load up to stop the run, and with proven ball hawks in the back end will dare the Wildcats to pass the ball, then send the heat on passing downs. Averaging 21 points per game, I don't see UK as much of a threat to score enough points to win. They've lost 4 out of their last 6 games, and havn't scored 30 points since their 2nd game this season. 


Vols hand the 'Cats their second home loss this year, 34-13.




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