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Watched the Georgia game again - observation

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Ok, obviously Tennessee QBs aren't being asked to audible out to other plays much. I'm sure the coaches saw this but I counted at least 7 times were there was short passes or running plays called when at the top of the formation a wr was lined up one on one with no back end safety help. With the physical wrs Tennessee has they need to call into those sometimes and try hitting one of those plays. That's fifty fifty balls Tennessee can win. I hope that's being addressed. 

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Alrighty then. :blink:


But they do use hand signals. Those are the guys on the sideline that look like they're swatting flies. All but one is a decoy. Maurer doesn't call audibles. Not yet, he isn't allowed. But honestly I don't think that JG ever did either, almost certainly not last year.


I suspect the problem in our case is that being a true freshman BM doesn't have command of the entire playbook. The playcalling is limited because of that, likewise our adjustments. By halftime the opposing coaches have seen every play/playset we have. That simplifies their reads, adjustments, and communication with their defense. That's why Georgia was able to hold the Vols scoreless in the 2nd half. 


The bigger problem is, now everyone we play will be looking to do the very same thing. The only thing the Vols can do is hurry up and install more plays to keep the defense guessing for the entire game. It's up to Maurer, his work is cut out for him. 



Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt on Wednesday announced the Vols' starting quarterback for their home game Saturday against Mississippi State.
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Agreed. Maurer will be fine. hindsight is 20-20 but I think they should have given him more time earlier. I find this concerning.

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JG had the same problem. Actually he seems to have stare down the receiver issues as well. I would think a QB as a Junior would have improved on that a little more by now 

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