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Who was most responsible for the BYU loss?

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Pretty fair assumptions


Jarrett Guarantano: 50 percent

There’s no denying this one. Jarrett Guarantano played awful. Although his stats weren’t horrible, as he completed 17-of-28 passes for 176 yards and two touchdowns with only one interception, they were very misleading. His only regulation touchdown was a tipped pass that Jauan Jennings came down with. The other one came in overtime.

Meanwhile, BYU’s only touchdown in regulation came after a Guarantano interception in which he threw into triple-coverage, spotting them the ball on the UT 20. Add in all the check downs he settled for and his indecision, and there’s no denying that he was awful.


Interior blocking: 20 percent

Tennessee football is getting better on the offensive line, but this remains a major issue for the Vols. Interior blocking is why they were one-of-three on fourth down and also a huge reason they were so bad in the red zone.

As good as Ty Chandler was on the ground Saturday, and he did do his job, Jim Chaney had to find creative ways to get him the ball in open space, and the same was true for Eric Gray. This team still can’t convert short-yardage run plays, and even with improvement, it’s a major issue.



These two yeah, Not just JG though. The interior line needs help and better performance as well.

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I think Alontae played like it was quarters coverage. It looked to me like he released the reciever and moved to cover the short route. Then he seen the short route was manned already, knew he screwed up, but actually recovered enough to make the tackle after Warrior missed.

The blown assignment was on Alontae, but it wasn't because he took a bad angle. It looked like he thought there was deep coverage, and he just quit on the guy.

After the ball was thrown Warrior got off of his guy, and covered ground to attempt a tackle. But the guy put a move on him, and by that time Alontae was there to clean it up. 

That's how I seen it, and I've watched it twice. 


I won't deny that JG's played better games. And I agree that he needs to settle down some and play complementary ball. But 50% is extreme, and 15% is going too easy on the coaches.



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I would agree if it was percentage of performance over the course of the entire game. But this percentage is impacts that caused the loss and the plays or key issues. In that case I can see this.

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