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5 takeaways from the UT - BYU game

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Thoughts? Guess we aren't the only ones thinking QB play has to get MUCH better with decision making :tapeoreille:



A double-overtime game ended with Tennessee football losing to Brigham Young 29-26. Here are five things we learned from the Volunteers' loss. It got worse...
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JG reminds me of a QB playing their first year in a new system. One more sophisticated than he's used to. (duh) Just hasn't quite got command of it, and thinking too much instead of playing instinctively. It might be a good idea to get JG out of the pocket. Half the field, and simplify his progressions. For a while anyway, work up some confidence, and end a lot of the vocal negative. Something positive, JG needs somebody to help him out. Chaney's done it here before with J. Crompton, and the noticeable difference was immediate.  

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