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Jeremy Pruitt latest press conference

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This is a different guy than we saw last year..  He was like levitating at first..  I liked the way he cut the reporter off who was asking about comparing this years team to last year... "That book is closed..  We are writing a new book"

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Pruitt will get the 3 year time frame like most coaches. We are in year two. If this team can get 8 wins then Pruitt will be on pace with 10 the following year and that would be acceptable and I honestly think he is the man for the job to get this done. Look how he is setting this team up. Look at the type of offensive linemen he is bringing in. You think Fulmer has his ear about the type of offensive linemen he should go after? Having one of the best recruiters of offensive linemen  ever in Fulmer is a added benefit. No more light moving linemen. Pruitt wants a wall to push people not run that sideways BS crap I have bitched about for years under Butch Jones. I am so happy to see this and I feel Pruitt will turn out to be the best coach to come from the Saban family and be the most successful.


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