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Pick Ems Week 8 has been added. Week 7 final updated

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College Football Coaches Poll Pre Season poll is out

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2019 preseason Coaches Poll

Rank Team No. 1 votes Points 2018 record
No. 1 Clemson 59 1619 15-0
No. 2 Alabama 6 1566 14-1
No. 3 Georgia 0 1477 11-3
No. 4 Oklahoma 0 1415 12-2
No. 5 Ohio State 0 1368 13-1
No. 6 LSU 0 1218 10-3
No. 7 Michigan 0 1155 10-3
No. 8 Florida 0 1103 10-3
No. 9 Notre Dame 0 1100 12-1
No. 10 Texas 0 1038 10-4
No. 11 Texas A&M 0 893 9-4
No. 12 Washington 0 834 10-4
No. 13 Oregon 0 787 9-4
No. 14 Penn State 0 699 9-4
No. 15 Utah 0 642 9-5
No. 16 Auburn 0 606 8-5
No. 17 Wisconsin 0 436 8-5
No. 17 UCF 0 436 12-1
No. 19 Iowa 0 343 9-4
No. 20 Michigan State 0 313 7-6
No. 21 Washington State 0 274 11-2
No. 22 Syracuse 0 227 10-3
No. 23 Stanford 0 200 9-4
No. 24 Iowa State 0 169 8-5
No. 25 Northwestern 0 161





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I think Florida gets this ranking based on how they finished. While there has been a lot of turmoil in Gainesville in the off season, they did completely destroy Michigan to finish off the season strong at 10-3. So I guess this is based on how they finished. We will know more if they are overrated after the opening against Miami. Yeah Miami isn't great but it will still let us know what they have. While I hate the Gators more than anyone, Dan Mullen gets the most out of his teams. I will be watching that opening game very closely.

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A&M is the team to watch though this season. I think they are a dark horse in the SEC and could possibly beat Bama and win the West. I wouldn't overlook them.


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Well they did almost beat Clemson last year and did the year before.


Maybe they're getting some love for that possibly?

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Maybe the coaches just wanted to throw one more ACC team in there for show. From everything I've read & heard so far, this year it will be Clemson & the 13 Dwarfs.


BTW, I've been reading about the new ACC network & how it's not at this point going to be available on most major broadcast networks. I think Dish or Direct TV & a bunch of streaming services is all that's been negotiated so far. We've got Comcast (Spectrum as it's called here) & they haven't reached a deal (yet).

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