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Mike Leach discusses 2017 coaching search – Paul Finebaum Show

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Read what Mike Leach said about the Tennessee almost hiring him search before the Pruitt hire and Fulmer came in. Honestly the whole thing was a power shift and thankfully it happened. We said this was happening even back during the days after Jones was fired. There was a political shift happening. Jeff and I talked about this on the Podcasts which we will have back this year by the way.


Washington State Cougars head coach Mike Leach talked about the Tennessee Vols’ almost-hire of him during the 2017 coaching search on the heels of firing Butch Jones. After the disaster that began with Greg Schiano, Leach was John Currie’s final attempt at a hail may hire before Phillip Fulmer replaced him and then hired Jeremy Pruitt. Here’s what Leach said about the search.


Here is what Mike Leach had to say:


“It was like something out of Shakespeare. All the sudden, they call home the AD, and en route they off him. Then the king, or the chancellor, who orders the offing of the AD because the guards are around him demanding that it be done in order to secure a position. Shortly after that, they off the president. Then they off the very chancellor who set it all in motion, allegedly. There was a whole power shift. Anyway, hopefully the ground for the good people at Tennessee is more stable now.”


Don't worry Mike. Phillip and Jeremy got this now.



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