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Cutcliffe praises Phillip Fulmer's leadership

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Considering the success David Cutcliffe has achieved during his head coaching career at Ole Miss and Duke, it’s clear the man knows what it takes to lead a program to new heights on the field. It should come as no surprise then that he credits some of his success to the teachings he learned working for Phillip Fulmer at Tennessee.

Before Cutcliffe ever got the chance to lead his own program, he served as an assistant on Rocky Top. During that time, the Vols reached heights not experienced since the days General Neyland roamed the sidelines in Knoxville. He may have left the program before coaching in Tennessee’s BCS National Championship Game but there’s no way the Vols ever make that game without the contributions Cutcliffe made to the program.


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Tennessee's AD has the support of one of the nation's best coaches.


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