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Might have been a Bama player but he was a classic. Godspeed Starr

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Hearing about Bart Starr's passing had me going back to "Third Saturday in October" to look up his performances against Tennessee. He was hurt his senior season but the 1953 game was a classic. It was nationally televised on NBC and ended in a scoreless tie. According to the story:


Tennessee thought it might have won on the final play of the game. With the football at the eleven yard line, Alabama quarterback Bart Starr retreated to pass in desperation. He was grabbed at the five-yard line by Tennessee defensive end Tommy Hensley, who knocked him backward to the goal line, picked him up and dumped him in the back of the end zone.

"I jumped up and down, pleading with the official to call it a safety," Hensley said during the summer of 1986. "But he wouldn't buy it. I wasn't trying to con him. I was trying to sell him a safety on behalf of good 'ol Tennessee when we needed two points to win."


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