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Pick Ems Updated. Redwood still leads. Added week 12. 

Week 11 results are here: Week 11 results

Get your picks in for week 12 here


Check out Peyton's Nephew

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We might be a few years away from another Manning dominating in the SEC. The eighth grade nephew of Eli and Peyton Manning, Arch, just tore up the spring game for his high school.

Listed at 5-foot-11, Arch is starring on the varsity team for Isidore Newman in Louisiana. Dude already has the genes. He also apparently has the talent.

Check it out.

Maybe another Manning graces the UT Sideline in 2023?



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And lets just add this right here:


Tennessee football has offered the son of Marvin Harrison, and Peyton Manning's nephew is raising eyebrows. Could the two be Volunteers in 2025? Peyton Man...
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