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Interesting anonymous quotes on Pruitt and the Vols

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Here are the anonymous comments regarding Tennessee from the latest 2019 Lindy’s Sports Southeastern Conference football preview magazine:

On the future of the program:

“Tennessee needs a talent upgrade. … It’s going to take five years to get it done. I think Jeremy Pruitt will get it done because he’s a good enough coach and recruiter to get it done. But it will take that long. The reason is, there’s other people in the league already getting it done. And they have no margin for error because they play Alabama, Georgia and Florida every year.”

On last season’s finish:

“The question is, why did they finish so poorly last year? They played like crap down the stretch against Missouri and Vanderbilt. They’ve lost three in a row to Vanderbilt — that’s unacceptable.”

On the hire of Jim Chaney:

“Jeremy lucked out getting rid of Tyson Helton and hiring Jim Chaney. I think he’s the best, most proven offensive coordinator in the league. I think Jim is outstanding. If Jeremy will leave him alone, Jim will be fine.”


My thoughts?

I think year three an not year five. I give Pruitt this year to get around 7-8 wins Next year will be the deciding year for me. I don't think great coaches need five years.

The hire of Cheney I totally agree with, Losing to Vandy is ALWAYS unacceptable



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I'm with you on the three year gig. Last year he had to dance with the ones that brung him. This year we should see marked improvements. Next year must be the "Come to Jesus" year for our program. We've waited long enough. I hate CJP must be under the microscope, but he's being well compensated and he knew what he was signing up for when he took the job.

As for Chaney, I couldn't be more pleased with his hire. If he can coach the line, the rest will take care of itself.

Vandy is and always will be Vandy. That's just a smudge on our record that we'll have to live with. In the words of Poe, "Nevermore".

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Totally agree. It time to run another 20+ game winning streak on Vandy and don't forget Kentucky. We need to own these teams again really soon. LIKE NOW!

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