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Pick Ems Week 9 has been added. Week 8 final updated

Make your picks by kickoff of the games. XL and Redwood still in the lead

Get your picks in for next week,

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What are the realistic expectations for this unit?  I can see a 9 or 10 win season with some decent offensive line play.  Any news on Trey Smith?  That schedule does not look that daunting to me. 

Any thoughts?


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Offensive Line is the biggest issue concerning this team. I am waiting to see after the first few games to make a decision. I think Pruitt though is determined to see improvement. Trey Smith is still trying to come back but it really isn't looking good. UT cannot risk him taking too much of a chance based on the risk. His condition is weird and is struggle.

The Vols added some quality recruits this past signing period to address the offensive line but we all thought Richmond was gonna be elite and really was way overrated. So while we got what looks like quality studs this past recruiting period I think we will have to wait an see.


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