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Good Tennessee write up from Joe Rexrode@ Nashville Tennessean

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Here are a few excerpts from the article:

Ed Temple and Pat Summitt were two of the best coaches in American sports history, two of the most important in terms of societal impact, and it’s crazy that we can claim both and that they died months apart.

• Tennessee Volunteers football still moves the needle more than anything in this state.

Butch Jones was as insecure as he seemed from the start and, as it turns out, for good reason.

• The college basketball in this city, and state, is among the best anywhere, but not enough people realize it — and that’s a bigger challenge now that one of the game’s best coaches and ambassadors, Rick Byrd, has retired.

• MTSU students quietly support UT athletics roughly as much as MTSU athletics administrators quietly curse UT athletics.

• The UT football fan base is due a break after a decade of mostly misery. The Vanderbilt football fan base is due a break after a century of mostly misery. And the math adds up, because the UT fan base is about 10 times bigger and the Vanderbilt fan base is about 10 times more cynical.

Jeremy Pruitt ain’t insecure.

Kellie Harper is hitting the right notes early, like someone who believes she’s ready for the inheritance of something that still has massive potential.

Nashville and Memphis may as well be in different countries.

• Intangibles crush recruiting rankings, and there’s no better example than Rick Barnes’ UT teams.

This is a great article!!  Read the rest here:


I've seen greatness, goofiness and proof that this city can acquire and throw the best of parties


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Yeah not a bad write up pretty accurate

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