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Drew Richmond enters transfer portal

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Actually not that upset about this. Never reached his hype potential.

Still good luck young man

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Wolfe's a suprise. I don't remember him ever starting, but he will somewhere else. He's made some plays, and had a memorable fumble.

Richmond, is an enigma. I wonder if he might have been a better football player if he just played somewhere else. His recruitment was between the Vols and olMiss, maybe there. Otherwise, I hate to say it, a five star bust. Maybe DR peaked out in hischool, it's not like he started as a freshman. Richmond looks like he gets lost in his blocking assignments. Blocks at the wrong guy, and the guy in front of him runs right by. I'm not saying so, but a lot of folks do, on TV it looks like Drew just stepped out of his way. Some games I've watched, they even hi-lite Drew missing blocks on replay. 

But even so, after so exaustingly having said all that, I am still not finished...

Losing Drew Richmond to transfer displeases me because now, he is a starter. And that tells me that he's one of the best we have. Things being accordingly, replacing him isn't going to be easy. So now I'm hopeful of three things. For one, good luck wherever DR ends up and thanks for being a Vol. Then, maybe somebody, or a couple somebody's will step up in the o-line unit and emerge. Lastly, and then I'll quit. It would be nice if it freed up a scholarship, but I'll bet it doesn't. 

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