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UT athletics director Phillip Fulmer might not want to pay top dollar for a big-time coach with a national championship or at least a Final Four on his or her résumé. But he needs to hire someone whose teams can execute the game’s fundamentals or is willing to exude effort.

That was probably the most disappointing thing about what I saw Thursday night. The lack of fundamentals. Unforced errors. Bad passing. Twice I saw a Lady Vol drive to the basket only to dribble the ball off her foot and out of bounds. No matter how bad the opponent is it's tough to beat them when you're busy beating yourself. How much of that is Holly's fault and how much is the players fault is debatable but at this level and at this point in the season it shouldn't be happening so frequently.

I agree that in the years she's been here Holly has earned more than enough cred to play out the season. The only way they make the big tourney is to win the SEC tourney and that looks like quite a stretch. I don't know if they'd consider a women's NIT bid but whenever the season ends it will be time for some soul searching by the powers that be about how to get the program back to playing the kind of Lady Vol basketball the fans used to take for granted.

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