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Pick Ems Updated. Redwood still leads. Added week 13 


Get your picks in for week 13 here


Lots Of In-State Talent for 2020!

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There sure is a lot of talent in the state of Tennessee for next year.  Hopefully we can keep Clemson, LSU, Arkansas, Carolina and them Bammers from stealing them.  Hopefully the Butch Jones hangover has finally ended.............  


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No one cares about Butch Jones anymore. We are done with that guy. Bama shows weakness. Auburn is just OK. Florida is on the way back up. I think Tennessee surprises next year and wins 9 games and sits behind Florida. Georgia is third.

One more year after next and Tennessee is playing for a SEC East title. Texas A&M will be beating LSU and competing with Bama and might be a surprise in the west next year. by 2020 Tennessee is in the top 10. I truly believe it. Watching what Fulmer and Pruitt are doing is exciting. Tennessee is on the the way back folks.







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