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Vols should look for someone to run updated Pro - Style

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DUH! I have been saying that for years..


Glad people are getting on board



As Jeremy Pruitt looks for Tennessee football's new offensive coordinator to replace Tyson Helon, the Volunteers need an advanced pro-style offense. Throug...
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Would have loved to have this guy but it wont happen. Looks like everyone is after him. So much for people thinking he is just AIR RAID offense which can easily be transformed into up tempo pro set. Some people just don't know football. Lot easier to transform Air Raid or Pistol type formations to Pro Set with the right coach. Much easier than moving from spread and read option crap. If you don't think so what do you think Manning ran in his last few years in Denver? A hybrid Air/Pistol offense type


Still, it looks like this guy will be snagged by either USC or a Pro team.



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