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Pick Ems Updated. Redwood still leads. Added week 12. 

Week 11 results are here: Week 11 results

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Vols win 24-7 against Kentucky

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Vols just looked like much better team Saturday winning 24-7 in Neyland. My MVP is Taylor. My goodness that kid was all over the place. Thoughts from everyone? What did you think? Also can the Vols win out and finish 7-5? I watched Vandy - Missouri. They both can put up some points but are different styles. Still, nice to get a win Saturday. Sure makes you feel a little better.



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I have been extremely critical of JG on this board but the kid had some time in the pocket and delivered. It was refreshing. I see them split against next two opponents. Vols are a odd bunch. It is feast or famine week in and week out. Glad I dont put $ on these games.

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After that performance, I feel ALOT better about the direction of the program. We’re already ahead of the curve on the win/loss ratio compared to last year. And we still have 2 (hopefully 3) games to go. Plus, we’ve beaten 2 SEC teams both of which were in the top 25. I was downright giddy watching our boys fly all over the field. 

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