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The Will Grier story

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It's a long and crazy one but just think. After McElwain ran him off from Florida his first choice was to follow Muschamp to South Carolina but rules at the time prohibited transferring to a school in the same conference. Anyway, shows what a coach (Holgorsen) who knows talent when he sees it and knows how to coach it can make all the difference in an athlete's career. The Gators ran off the only truly good QB they've had since the Tebow era.


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Yeah Grier has done well. I wonder how Florida would have looked now if he was still there? People down in Gainesville are tired of Franks.

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Yeah, this part kinda says it all:


Ironically, Grier said the last time he met with McElwain to try to clarify his status at Florida, the coach was two hours late because he was recruiting quarterback Feleipe Franks, whose high school was three hours away in the Florida Panhandle. Franks was benched last weekend in the middle of yet another home loss (this time to then-SEC-winless Missouri) for a program that once had one of the best home-field advantages in college football.

Grier strikes me as a guy who made a minor mistake and paid a heavier price than he should've because he wasn't McElwain's guy, he was Muschamp's. He now has a wife and a child and that will change your whole perspective about life and how you handle it. 

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