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Would Vol fans trade 3 losses for more 5-stars recruits?

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Interesting question

What would you want?


With only three games remaining in the 2018 Tennessee football season, would Vol fans take losing out to sign more five-stars in the 2019 recruiting class...
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Seems to me 5 star recruits are more drawn to winning programs anyway. They probably feel like they could be starters immediately or very soon for most teams no matter what the talent level and they want as much big game TV exposure as possible because they obviously have their sights set on the NFL.

So it would behoove Pruitt, his staff & the Vols to demonstrate they are on that track. 6 or 7 wins and a bowl are still out there for the taking if this team wants it bad enough. Settle for 1 quality and 3 cupcake wins and what are you selling?

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