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How about those Boilermakers!!

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I guess the one true joy out of the weekend is seeing Urban Cryer in anguish on the sideline as his #2 Buckeyes go down big to an unranked Purdue! Wonder what health problems he'll suddenly develop?

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I frigging loved watching that game. It kind of took the sting out of the Bama game...

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rut roh.... another health issue coming on?



Ohio State’s loss to Purdue over the weekend may only be the manifestation of much greater problems going on within the Buckeyes’ football program.

Football Scoop’s Scott Roussel reported on Monday that he continues to hear about supposed friction going on between Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer and athletic director Gene Smith. He says the friction extends to their respective superiors, and there is also friction within the football program.

Additionally, former Ohio State quarterback Kirk Herbstreit, who is a top college football analyst for ESPN, made note of Meyer’s concerning sideline demeanor on Monday.

“He doesn’t look the way he’s looked since he’s been at Ohio State,” Herbstreit said on “The Dan Patrick Show” Monday. “He looks, the word I’ve used is ‘anguished.’ He looks frustrated. Very emotional and erratic.”


Herbstreit referenced Meyer going to a knee during Ohio State’s win over Indiana, which was attributed to ongoing headache issues the head coach has experienced.

Beyond the health issues, Meyer has been embattled ever since Ohio State launched an investigation into his handling of former wide receivers coach Zach Smith. Meyer was placed on leave, suspended three games, and then allowed to return to his full-time duties as the team’s head coach. The school seemed to buy Meyer’s lies based on their statement of findings.

One high-profile college football figure predicted in August that this would be Meyer’s last season as Ohio State’s head coach. The Buckeyes reportedly have even discussed a head coach-in-waiting deal with one of their assistants.



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