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Pick Ems Updated. Redwood still leads. Added week 13 


Get your picks in for week 13 here


The VolTalk Show - Tennessee vs Georgia

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Let me lay this Kentucky thing to rest. 

A lot of folks are going on about how UK has managed to catch lightning in a bottle this year, and attribute the success they're having to blind luck or something similar. And I'll admit that I'm curious to see how they hold up to the regular season grind myself. But what we're seeing right now out of the 'cats is the logical result of hiring the right head coach, giving him the right kind of support, and the time to bring his vision to fruition. UT, and the fan base has the perfect example playing out right now, right in front of them. 

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Still they pull a "Kensucky" near the end of the season like they always seem to do. Still, Mark Stoops has done an admirable job no doubt



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