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Pick Ems Updated. Redwood still leads. Added week 12. 

Week 11 results are here: Week 11 results

Get your picks in for week 12 here


New Addition to Vol Talk - Brand New Classifieds

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I have installed a brand new Classified system and I hope people will use this one. This is one is much better than the previous model. This one is just like ebay. You can post things for sale as a final price or buy it now price or you can treat it just like an auctions. You can create collections of things like an ebay store and you can post for things you are looking for and you can even create a wish list like say when @Skyking posted he wanted Florida tickets.

So give it a try. I am going to go home this weekend and go through stuff, See what I got to post. This will be our own little Vol Talk Ebay universe. Tell all you friends. If they sell things of interest tell them to post them here,


Right now I have the following categories:

  • Vols Merchandise - A place for people to post Vols things for sale
  • Tickets for sale - Obviously Vols Tickets or any other tickets people might be interested in
  • Misc Stuff - a place to place ads for anything outside of Vols stuff

I am building a category for people to post things they are looking for as well.


Let me know if if can think of any other categories we could add. If you any questions or suggestions, please let me know. All sales are between to seller and buyer. Vol Talk won't get engaged in disputes. But this application even has a dispute link just like ebay. :thumb_yello:


Take a look and enjoy


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well look at Rob go! Building this site “Brick by Brick”! :laughing1:

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