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Pick Ems Week 9 has been added. Week 8 final updated

Make your picks by kickoff of the games. XL and Redwood still in the lead

Get your picks in for next week,


Pick Em Question - Update

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OK I may and I say MAY have a developer to help me build the code and get this pick em system modified. What I need to know is does anyone have an issue with it being started say like week  2 or 3? We can still give away stuff and play it through and there will be plenty of season left. I just want to know how hard I should push for this. So let me know. This code porting for this will take some time. The board software when it got upgraded was a total rework inside inside the code and how the board works. Its much nicer but one of the reasons I kept from upgrading for so long was the fact I knew it would impact the pick ems. We just were getting to far along in the software life-cycle I had to upgrade. If something broke I wouldn't even be able to get support.


So if no one has a problem starting week 3 I will move forward. Just you all let me know.



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1 hour ago, Ozonedrifter said:

okfloray, you need to spot the rest of us a couple of weeks anyway. :smily961:

Hah... Not lately.:Hammer3:

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Count me in too.   Better late than never.

After we upset W Va we will be too high to care anyway.  This is a rare occasion for me, getting to yell Roll Tide, War Eagle and Go Vols all on the same day.  I look for Tennessee to redeem last years let down.  Go Vols.



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