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Pruitt on scrimmage - O'line Dominated (Kinda)

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The main thing you need to be a successful rushing attack is a powerful and physical offensive line and you really need one of those especially in the SEC where talent is deep and physical. According to Pruitt, at least in a practice setting things are looking up.


“To start the scrimmage, I thought the offensive line kind of dominated,” Pruitt said referencing his team’s Saturday scrimmage. “The ones, the twos and the threes—I thought they did a good job. You could see the line of scrimmage changing, which that don’t say much about the defensive front. I just know standing out on the field, I saw the line of scrimmage move. So that’s good and bad.”

- Jeremy Pruitt

That offensive line group is set to get a lot better this week with freshman All-American Trey Smith returning to contact drills. Even without Smith though, it’s nice to hear from the head coach with just 12 days remaining before the first game.

It was a good turnout for the offensive line but they didn't finish a strong as they started.


“As practice went, you know whether it’s the plays, whether it’s how hot it was or how many snaps guys have taken, you saw guys that wasn’t performing at the end of the practice like they were at the beginning. That’s not exactly what we’re looking for. We’d like to finish better than we start.”

- Jeremy Pruitt

Still these comments are looking good and maybe, just maybe the offensive line can build back to what they looked like under the Fulmer teams. It seem they are moving back the other direction. It would seem that as we all have speculated this team was way under developed under Butch Jones. Even without Trey Smith Pruitt likes some of what he is seeing. Get Smith back and maybe there is even more to build on.

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