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Twenty years ago, Tennessee won its last national title in the first year A.P. (After Peyton). Led by Tee Martin, the Vols took down Florida State in the first-ever BCS National Championship Game. Tennessee also won it all in 1938, 1940, 1950, 1951 and 1967.

In the two decades since their last national championship, Tennessee has gone from national power to consistently mediocre. The hope is that new head coach Jeremy Pruitt can revive the program.

This is probably the most controversial entry on our list. The Vols have a great fan base and home field, play in a premier league and can recruit at a high level. However, they are in the same division as Georgia and Florida, and play Alabama every year in a crossover matchup.  We wouldn’t hold our breath waiting for them to climb to the top of college football again.


Do we have a middle finger emoji? :loco: :bird:

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Ah yes, it's offseason and time for sportswriters everywhere to post pot stirring articles to try and generate some interest. I've seen several articles in the past few years saying essentially the same thing about Tennessee football. The problem with this kind of thinking is that the writers assume that the way things are now are the way they will be forevermore. Since when has that been true in any sport? The teams considered elite right now won't always be kings of the hill. So what if Georgia is hot right now? Florida certainly isn't the program they once were. $aban won't be Bama's coach forever. Maybe their fans think their shit don't stink but so do fans at Ole Miss, Kentucky and Vanderbilt.


Most of us here have been following the Vols for years and we know how quickly things can change for better or worse for any program. Winning national championships is great but it's not the reason fans are fans.

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