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From a Gator Fan: Have Faith, Vols!

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Have Faith, Vols!!

Gator fan here lamenting the current state of Tennessee football. Just a week ago UF had its own dumpster fire raging. We got rid of Jim McElwain and had our sights set on Chip Kelly. But Kelly wasn’t an SEC guy (or at least not a UF guy) so he stayed safely in the Pac-12 at UCLA. Then we said Scott Frost is our guy. All the experts agreed — Frost to UF. Oh, except that Frost didn’t agree, and expect after UCF plays the AAC championship he’ll go to Nebraska. So finally we hire our #3 choice Dan Mullen, who was reported by some to be going to UT. Mullen was a good choice and he’s going to put out the fire, though there are some fans who think our AD Stricklin didn’t go aggressively after Kelly/Frost.

UT is a good program currently being run by idiots. Currie has to go. Your next coach will turn the ship around. And I certainly hope so. I have my own biased view that the SEC East should every year be a battle between UT and UF. No UGa, No USC, and absolutely no Mizzou or Kentucky.

I wonder why no one is mentioning Les Miles? Or Sumlin? I don’t know, you guys have an idea who’s best.


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