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    • I appreciate his opinions but the opinions of some guy who sucked after he rode cam Newton's coat tails don't mean crap to me. Tennessee fans have every right to be irritated after 10 years of flea market coach hires and bs politics inside the UT Administration. I'm still thinking Pruitt is the guy but until the team wins on a consistent basis, I ain't buying Gene's brand. 
    • I'll update pick ems after a little red zone watching
    • JT looked like he was too amped up. See that pass to his left on that out pattern down near the 10 yard line? Was incomplete. Could have been brought in but dang could have took someone's head off.    On a rope... He's a gun slinger. But his stance, footwork, presence in the pocket was good. Just can't seem to keep those passes down. Then when he did he one hopped it like he was skipping stones on a pond. He needs more work obviously. Still was good to see where both he and Maurer are.    Obviously and unfortunately it would seem for now, JG is the best option. Now comes Florida and a real defensive line. Either JG steps up or gets stepped on. 
    • BYU just beat ranked USC, so maybe that was a pretty good team that beat us. Georgia State still sucks, and there's no changing the fact that we lost to a terribly shitty team.    Work will be a little more fun tomorrow morning after Georgia Tech had one of their worst losses in history and the Mississippi State fan that gives me crap won't be running his mouth after their upset loss. 
    • From start to finish on Saturday afternoon, the Vols dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the football for the first time in a calendar year. But it's not because this team hasn't given it their all says SEC Network analyst Gene Chizik, who took Jeremy Pruitt and Tennessee naysayers to task after the Vols' first win of the 2019 season. "I saw a team that was improved and I saw a team that wanted to come out there and make a statement,” Chizik said on SEC Now. “They didn’t care about what anybody said about them all week. This team didn’t quit. They didn’t quit last week and they didn’t quit two weeks ago. "I want to make this clear to everybody out there who has painted the narrative that this is a bad football team. Have they played great? Not necessarily, but this team will win some games."   After Ty Chandler scored the game's first touchdown in the opening minutes with a 13-yard run around the left side, Vols quarterback Jarrett Guarantano went 7 of 8 for 142 yards and three scores before sitting out the second half. Tennessee led 38-0 at halftime in a game that was decided in the first quarter. “Today was a complete game," Chizik said. "Opening kickoff, 58-yard return. You got blocked punts. Touchdown passes. Today, they loved to play the game. They were efficient. They did everything they could’ve done to go out there and kind of shut everybody up. "I know what they’re going to say, “It’s Chattanooga.” But they lost last week to BYU. And BYU beat 24th-ranked USC today. That was a not a bad loss. They’re getting better. They need to improve, there’s no question, but this team has not quit." Only Tennessee's 10th win in three seasons, the Vols (1-2) will try and use this as a stepping stone to bigger and better things entering SEC play. "The one thing that you never want to get is where (losing) doesn't bother you," Pruitt said. "It bothers me. I can't sleep at night. I probably make everybody in our building miserable because of it. I know I do at home. We've got to get our players to where that's the way they are, and we've got a lot of them in our program that are that way."   For veterans like Guarantano, getting a notch in the win column alleviates a ton of pressure after two disappointing losses to start the year. "There were definitely some trying times and tough times, but I learned more about myself in these past two weeks and these trying times than I ever have," Guarantano said after the game. "I don't think I ever really went through something like that, and I'm happy to get over the hump and am starting to feel like myself again."