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  2. RobVOL

    UGA got them a new OC - WHO?

    It's got Haslam stank on it so it's possible lol
  3. XLVol

    UGA got them a new OC - WHO?

    Let's hope Georgia becomes the Cleveland browns of the SEC.
  4. Jason Garrett has agreed to become the offensive coordinator of the New York Giants, a source told ESPN's Ed Werder. View the full article
  5. Over 40 coaches voted and more than half of them voted for Maryville University as the No. 1 team in the country in ESPN's preseason College League of Legends coaches poll. View the full article
  6. Minnesota gets Karl-Anthony back on Friday at Indiana after he missed 15 games with a sprained left knee. View the full article
  7. Yesterday
  8. As the Australian Open is set to begin, there is something tone-deaf about the idea of playing tennis while a country burns. Athletes are raising money for relief efforts, but it's not enough. It's time for them to raise their voices about climate change. View the full article
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  12. The NBA won't hold a vote at April's owners meeting about plans to alter the league's in-season schedule, sources told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, but still hopes to make changes. View the full article
  13. In 1995, North Carolina's Jerry Stackhouse was fouled hard by Clemson. Rick Barnes and Dean Smith had a heated argument. Stackhouse and Barnes now coach in the Tennessee-Vanderbilt rivalry. View the full article
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  15. Kyree Miller, a three-star offensive lineman who committed to Tennessee on Nov. 5, is back on the market. View the full article
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  17. Jerry Stackhouse is getting a feel for the Tennessee-Vanderbilt rivalry ahead of coaching in his first game in the series. View the full article
  18. Tennessee (10-6, 2-2 SEC) faces Vanderbilt (8-8, 0-3) on Saturday (6 p.m. ET, SEC Network) with roster changes in the past. View the full article
  19. Vanderbilt's Jerry Stackhouse will coach against rival Tennessee for the first time . He has a good perspective on rivalries from Duke-North Carolina. View the full article
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  21. RobVOL

    Looks like JG is coming back

    Yep I agree. I am still waiting to see after another full off season of conditioning and practice how Shrout and Maurer will look. I think they both have a lot of upside to them still.
  22. SavageOrangeJug

    Break out players for next season top 25

    It's nice to be mentioned in the top 25.
  23. SavageOrangeJug

    UGA got them a new OC - WHO?

    His offense was 22nd in the NFL. HC record at Southern Miss 13-25. Only bright spot on the resume is when he was OC at Okla. St. in 2011-12. The Cowboys had a good offense. Put up some big numbers. EDIT: ‘That’s not happening.’ Freddie Kitchens to keep play-calling duties for Cleveland Browns
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  25. Kyrie Irving says he's spoken to teammates to clear up any confusion about remarks he made Wednesday about the players he sees as being part of the Nets' future. View the full article
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