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Tennessee - Alabama Game Scores and predictions

OK well we all have licked out wounds and by now are over this weekend's performance by the Vols. So now we all know who is up next. So what needs to happen for the Vols to have a chance? Bama seemed to peek this past weekend. Apparently when Saban gets pissy, Bama get's better. So maybe Jones needs to get pissy? :cool:

Well I am not going to make anymore predictions. I have sucked since I predicted Va Tech would beat Ohio State. I truly thought the Vols would play well against Ole Miss. Boy that went wrong. Regardless the game has to be played and on any given Saturday something crazy an happen. So let's talk it out. Can the Vols win? Will they? Lets talk it out

Regardless................................ :koolaid: :hunter: :buckfama2: :bamasucks3: :bamasucks:

Let's keep it on the game though. Talking all about Kiffin just takes away from the game. He shouldn't be a focus for us. It has been over 4 years. He to me is irrelevant. =