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Possible uniform/helmet changes - thoughts?

I have been reading some of the "stuff" being posted around the net about a possible change again to the uniforms. It seems there is rumors that there may be a change or an addition of a new helmet to the equipment that the Vols wear this season. While the rumors are out there, the viral and nauseous pontificating that is going on about whether they should have different helmets is getting irritating. So I thought since most of us here are very objective i.e. intelligent, I thought I would pose the question here. So if this happens, what are the thoughts around here?

There is a two modes of thought on this.
  • The UT is a traditional school and have so many traditions and all of these changes are bad for the respecting that tradition.
  • It is all about the kids and more recruits will come here if there is more "hip" styles.
I have to be honest if it was me, I am in the middle on this. I totally understand that times are changing and kids need things that are bright and entertaining to them to get their interest. I also understand the need to entice these children to come to the school right now because while that tradition is there, let's face it, that tradition while impressive hasn't added any recent accolades. So to be successful you need talent. To get that talent you need things to attract the recruits. With that being stated, let me say this and this is a true statement. There is a fundamental thought process here that I cannot agree with and that is that the school is subject to the players and not the other way around. Look, yes UT needs to be improve and get back to the days of success, but when you start sacrificing tradition to do that, it doesn't sit well with many including myself. It isn't all about the players. It is about the players and students and traditions built over the years. Yes, the helmet with the power T has only been around since like 1967. OK that isn't tradition? Let that sink in. That's over 40+ years. That IS a tradition. So yes for all the people who say "We need current progressive thinking", I agree but you have to respect tradition. This isn't Oregon. This isn't a fly by night school that has only had tradition really for only the last 10 years. Tennessee has so much tradition and pageantry. This has to be respected. I like the one off uniform changes. The black ones from 2009 and even though the purplish hued Gray smokies are OK, they should be special for certain times. Kind of like wearing the orange/orange uniforms back before Fulmer left.

Bottom line is no one will know or have the right opinion. It goes both ways and I see both sides totally. So since it is middle of the road, I call for compromise. So if they change the helmet let's do it for one special game and let everyone enjoy it. To remove tradition though and the staple of one of looks of Tennessee is sacrilegious. I totally see it from both sides. There is nothing wrong with holding on to tradition. People who say that is old school aren't quite understanding it either. One of the things that I will always remember is how many times when I run into people that ask me my team and I say the Vols, the thing I always here especially down here away from Tennessee is this, "Hey I always know when Tennessee is on the TV. I always see those Orange T helmets and that blasted Rocky Top!" Even when they aren't at Neyland, people recognize the brand. Coach Jones keeps talking about the "Brand" of Tennessee football and getting back there. Changing all the looks and uniforms isn't keeping with that statement. So yes, throw out a new helmet for one game or so. I have no issue. As for the standard brand of Tennessee football, I say keep it where it is. It is like watching Alabama and this is one case where I will compare to two in the same class. When you watch TV and you flip through the stations there are two staples that will always catch our eye, the brand or Alabama and Tennessee football. Bama hasn't changed and they seem to be able to attract recruits just fine. Changing traditions doesn't have anything to do with getting talent. Some actually come back to play for the same school BECAUSE of the traditions. All you have to do is look at the legacy guys that want to bring back the success of the traditions established. So, that is my thoughts on it. What is yours? =