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Want a free Vols Football Jersey? Call in the Podcast

Hey everyone. First off I want to say I truly appreciate the support for me and my family during the last year and all the stuff we went through. As many of you know I have handed the site over the LakeVol and I have to say he has done an outstanding job with keeping things running and keeping everyone engaged. I also think he has done a terrific job on the the Vol Talk Podcasts. When I look at some of these crappy live things on Facebook and these other groups, I truly appreciate what Jeff has put together. First class all the way.


Still, the one thing missing is YOU GUYS! We need for you guys to get engaged. Call in and participate. The one thing I can say about the Vol Talk family here is we might not be the biggest, but we have always catered to intelligent folks posting and no drama. I have always taken pride in that. We need for the Vol Talk family to call in be a part of this as we try and move the site up to another level. There are plans to move us up the chain and I would like for the members who have always been here, to be a part of that as we move forward.


To help this, we are offering a Jersey of your color choice and size from Houndogs for free based on random drawing of all the callers we get for the next podcast. The number to call in is: 865-643-8825


Our next main podcast will be Saturday after the game. If you can, please call in a let your voice be heard. We would like all of our folks to get engaged. It is fun and the only time you will look bad is if you call in and mention Kiffin and get hung up on by LakeVol :laughing1:


Just kidding :cool: . Anyway plan to give us a call and engaged this Saturday evening. We should start around 6-7 pm EST Saturday. I will update this if that changes:


Share this will all your friends and vol fans. Let's do this! :15_8_200v[1]:





Nov 22 2017 06:54 PM

You should give your most frequent (and popular) caller a jersey.



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Ok guys! I would first like to thank Rob for all his support with me taking over the site and also laying it out there every week for the podcast. We have worked very hard on making the podcast a staple of Tennessee Football and want to do everything we can to take it to the next level.


We do need everyone to jump in and join us! Share the show's broadcast with EVERYONE you're friends with, Facebook or otherwise!


There is a lot of traction to the reports that a new coach could be announced tomorrow. So I have decided to wait until tomorrow (hopefully after a possible press conference) to do the Voltalk show so we can have that coach announcement to talk about. 


I will keep everyone posted on the board and via email about the show so everyone can jump in and call us and perhaps winning that Vols Jersey!!



Podcast tonight at 7pm on Facebook Live!