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Is it time for the Jones experiment to end?

I am not one to write many articles. I am more of the shoot from the hip poster kind of person, but I have think I have seen enough. I vented yesterday in the Vol Talk podcast. I have went through the ups and downs of the Butch Jones era. I have watched and been hooked into the false optimism when the Vols finally got over the hump on a Florida team that looking back was not all that good. I was elated with the luck of the Georgia Hail Mary last year. Looking back, that seem so far away. I can honestly say my opinion of Butch Jones and his coaching and staff building cannot sink any lower than it is now. I am ready see this guy shown the door and I am not willing to support any reason that includes:

  • Bowl eligibility
  • Buy out reduction
  • Recruiting
None of these are enough at this point to watch another poorly coached game by this staff. The facts are pretty much irrefutable.
  • Jones currently holds an overall record in the SEC of 14–21 (Never won a game against anyone in the SEC West)
  • He's made a mockery of Tennessee in the press with stupid quotes like "Champions of Life and 5 star hearts and Reps and the list goes on and on
  • He as now been out scored by Alabama teams 192-61
  • Former Vols are questioning this guy all over social media
  • Over 15-20 recruits have left the program since Butch Jones was coach and 3 of them have moved on to much better things.
  • He has isolated himself with the media to where national news is just waiting for the next stupid thing he does
  • Point spread has been over 19 points against the Vols in 5+ games since he has been coach. That is homecoming game type spreads
  • Butch Jones is 3-12 against the Big Boys of SEC Alabama, Florida and Georgia.
This list could go on but the biggest thing I feel as I sit here in my office surrounded by all my Vol stuff is I am not angry anymore. I am disgusted. Disgusted for the fan base. Disgusted for the players. They deserve better. Disgusted that I am feeling something that no one should EVER feel about Tennessee football. I am feeling apathetic. I know we should never feel that way, but Butch Jones is bringing the worst out in me as a fan. That is not a good sign. You know when people tweet out that they would rather be mowing the grass next Saturday than watching the Vols play, it is bad. Does that make them bad fans? Of course not. They just don't need to subject themselves to more fan cruelty. I don't blame them. Butch Jones was supposedly this great players coach and great recruiter. Well he might be a good recruiter, but I would rather get someone who takes those recruits and improves them. Take a guy like Chris Peterson who is at Washington and doing well and then also he did well putting Boise State on the map. The average recruiting rank for his teams at Boise were 40th. Let that sink in. Then look at Dabo Swinney. The recruiting rankings in Clemson back before his Nation Title was around average of 14th to 15th every year. He developed his players and Clemson became better. I cannot fathom how anyone thinks Butch Jones should still be coach. We have asked multiple people to come on our Voltalk podcast and provide me one reason. I just cannot find one. I am standing my my opinion. The University of Tennessee tried to send through a medium paid coach from a mid tier college and slid it by us all. The administration knew they could get some decent work out of Jones and the fan base would still fill up Neyland and they could settle with a shimmer of hope from a mediocre coach at best. I am not only disgusted with Butch Jones, I am disappointed in the school administration trying to send this mediocre coach into Vol sports. Jones is a "Everyone gets a trophy" kind of coach and that is not needed now. The administration is close to losing the fan base and if John Currie is not smart and fixes this, he is in danger of screwing up in his first year as AD.


Tennessee has more money and resources than its ever had before and it now needs a coach to match those conditions. Vol football produced nearly $110 million in revenue and a profit of $81 million during the 2015–16 fiscal year, making it the single most profitable program in the SEC by a large margin. Waiting until the end of the season might make sense to some but I think it is a detriment to the fans and to the players. The players need to know what is going on. Early recruiting starts in December this year. Wait on making a decision until the end of the season doesn't make sense in my mind. So you might save on buyouts if the Vols don't make a bowl? IS that a gamble you want to take? I can see the Vols go 6-6 and John Currie says we are giving Jones another year. If that happens, I am totally off this train. I will support the players, but I cannot deal with another year of Butch Jones and that will leave more totally disappointed in the University Administration. I can just send 2 grand to the scholarship fund and leave the TV off. I will still support the students and athletes, but another year of Butch Jones I cannot stomach.


The settling for mediocre from the University of Tennessee needs to stop. It is time be done with this. I may be a "Vol for life, but I am not blind enough to be a "Backer of Butch".


In the words of Forrest Gump:


"That's all I got to say about that"


I am done. Time for change.



I past done with this guy.

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According to Gaulden we are at least number one at something SMDH

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Upon Butch's departure I would like to retain the entire defensive staff. On offense they all can go, with Gulispie being the only exception.
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Really? The secondary has been terrible. Pass defense ranking is a mirage. Teams were running the ball on Tennessee so need to pass. When they need to, opponents can pass.
Oct 22 2017 08:11 PM

Rob, in the words of Bill Clinton, "I feel your pain."


I've been feeling this way for two years now. Butch is a snake oil salesman in my opinion. It offends me when someone is trying to sell me a bill of goods, and I'm able to see through it. I haven't been able to sit and watch a game since game 2. I keep recording the games and hope for a victory to go back and watch enjoy. Hell, i didn't even record the Bama game. Last year was the first season since the mid '80s that I didn't attend at least one home game. I won't attend one this year either. I've been aggravated with the administration since the firing of Coach Fullmer. In my opinion, Mike Hamilton should have been the one getting fired.


Kiffen f@#ked us, Dooley made a mockery of UT sports and Jones and his platitudes have now made us the laughing stock of college football. If they don't fire Butch early this week, maybe we should start a campaign to deliver an empty stadium for our next game. When it boils down to it, it's money that speaks loudest to these guys.


Probably just a pipe dream, but that's what I think about it!

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I think tomorrow will tell us more. If nothing comes out, then I just don't know what to say. I honestly thought Sunday might be too early. This needs to be addressed one way or another. I don't want to hear from Jones. I want something from Currie.

I won't hold my breathe though
Oct 22 2017 09:28 PM

It is critical to start doing something!  Send Butch to the house.  Appoint an Interim Coach (how about Hoke).  Start the search process. Any serious discussions at this point in the season will be difficult, but starting the process must occur.


The only wrong move at this point is to sit on our hands and do nothing.

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Oct 22 2017 09:34 PM
Totally agree with everything posted above. Currie leaving us all hanging is ridiculous. If he supports Jones, while that's stupid at this point, at least say it. If not, let's get this thing moving.
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Yup, really. I think to a degree Butch meddles in the defense too. Nobody talks about it, but I doubt his micro-managing is in any way limited to the offense only. Therefore I for one would like to see how Shoop and Co. would run the defense unencumbered.
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Ah ok I gotcha. Makes sense. You may be right. I think he gets involved in everything.
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That about sums it up. Midas in reverse. I like that..
Again, not addressing the issue. Whether it's Currie or someone pulling his stings someone needs to address status.

UT administration is really starting to grate on my nerves. Open communication my ass. SSDD.
I'm still waiting for the argument to keep Butch Jones. Still waiting.....
Oct 23 2017 06:29 PM

Waiting on Butch to get fired is starting to be like waiting for the Vols to have that breakout year


... Just wait till next year.  :screaming-7365:

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How much money would Tennessee lose if they don't make a bowl? On top of how much revenue would be lost in the declining game attendance for the rest of the season? I bet you it is FAR MORE than Bitchy's little buyout.  :MsnSlap5:

Tennessee goes to some 6-6 bowl and no one shows up. Maybe that we'll get the administration to understand this mediocre crap ain't selling no more.

I ain't buying your brand anymore Currie and Jones

John Currie Twitter



Just saying! Might as well let the man know who is getting ready to really be in charge.

Atomic City
Oct 23 2017 10:21 PM
From what ive read Currie knows he is putting his UT career on the line and this hire will make or break it so he will be taking his time amd making sure he does everything to make the right hire
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I'll believe it when I see it.

John Currie Twitter



Just saying! Might as well let the man know who is getting ready to really be in charge.


So volleyball, tennis and soccer are now the reasons to look forward to fall?  :4_6_2v[1]:

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You can't beat those volleyball games GiveHim6, They're super competitive! 

Oct 24 2017 09:41 AM

The facts don't lie, it's about getting "W's", that's the bottom line...to your points #1 and #8 in the blog post:

  • Jones currently holds an overall record in the SEC of 14–21 (.400 winning %)... (Never won a game against anyone in the SEC West)
  • Butch Jones is 3-12  (.200 winning %) against the Big Boys of SEC Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

These 5-year losing statistics are unacceptable if we want to compete to win Championships. It would be hard to argue that things are fine, and to keep doing what we are doing. I respect Coach "Brick by Brick" in several facets...he's been given a fair shot, but this project is well behind schedule and a new builder needs to take over. Change is immanent, and a must in my view. Again, the stats don't lie...it's all about the "W's" and being in the race to 'consistently' compete and potentially win Championships.


In regards to new coaches, my hunch is they are actively looking by hiring an outside 3rd party to perform due diligence on potential coaches, while providing anonymity and plausible deniability to the University. Thus, the rumorville's are a waste of energy, we'll never know (unless your possibly writing 7-8 figure check to the University) what's truly going on until they make an official announcement after the end of the season.

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"Well behind schedule"? Thats a nice way of putting it. Reminiscent of the Worley days, I'd say more like in regression.

I'm warming up to the belief that Butch recruits according to ranking more so than substance. Why else recruit a qb like QD, when it's obvious he's not a fit for the offense? Not to rag on Dormady, it's Butch's fault.

Like Butch is so fond of saying, he's the "Caretaker". Epic fail, I'm so sick of his crap...
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They used an outside Consultant firm last time to hire. We got a MAC/Big East guy who is in way over his head. Maybe that third party route isn't the best idea.

But then again there may be no choice based on the talent assessment skills of this universities athletic administration.